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issho and intuitive wrapper over paramiko for configuring and talking to a remote host. keyring is used to manage secrets locally.

issho is designed such that interacting with a single, heavily used remote machine should be easy, and working with more than one remote machine should be simple.


Install with pip or conda. IMPORTANT NOTE: For python 3.5, install via pip only; several issho dependencies have not been updated on conda-forge.

pip install issho
conda install -c conda-forge issho


  • Simple access to simple commands
    • Port forwarding

    • Executing commands over ssh

    • Transferring files over sftp

    • Running a hive query

    • Running a spark job


This package was created with Cookiecutter and the audreyr/cookiecutter-pypackage project template.

The sftp work and (future)testing framework is adapted from Jeff Hinrichs’s excellent pysftp package, and some of the ssh framework is inspired by Colin Wood’s sshed.

Shout out to Spencer Tipping, Neal Fultz, and Factual for helping me learn to write my own tools.

Thanks to Michael Vertuli and Fangshu Lin for helping test.